Herome Extra Strong Blue Pouch Nail Set

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By Herome

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Herome extra strong hardener full size 10ml:

Long hard nails within 14 days! Stimulates nail growth and prevents tearing of very weak nails. Do not use immediately after removing artificial nails. Direction to use: 
During the course of treatment apply a thin coat on the first day- a second coat on the next day. On the third day remove both coats with Herome Caring Nail Polish Remover. Repeat this process for 3 weeks.

Herome Nourishing Oil full size

This oil with almond- and lemon oil restores the condition of very dry brittle nails and cuticles. Made in the Netherlands. Direction to use:
Massage the oil into nails and cuticles preferably in the evening during a 14-day treatment. The oil is also suitable for dry toenails.

Herome Nail Polish Remover Pad (30 Pads)

Cotton pads saturated with mild nail polish remover in compact portable packaging. Made in the Netherlands.

Herome 24 Hour Protective Hand Cream 80 ML

The hand cream leaves an ultra-fine film layer on the skin that enhances natural skin protection and protects against dehydration. Due to the high SPF, hands are properly protected from the harmful effects of sunlight and skin aging.

Blue Herome Pouch