Garnier Super Hydrating & Repairing Night Face Mask

29,000 LBP

Brand Garnier

Your skin looks tired, with signs of fatigue and it needs a relaxing moment? Ready, set, relax! Before sleeping, mask up with our revolutionary tissue mask to supercharge your skin with a bomb of hydration in just 15 minutes! It is packed with a hydrating formula enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Deep Sea Water and Cornflower for a replenishing and repairing of the skin barrier action.

Suitable for sensitive skin. PROVEN EFFICACY: After 15 minutes: skin is intensely rehydrated, refreshed and replenished. By morning: tired look is reduced, skin looks smoothed and more beautiful. 

1. Before sleeping, unfold the mask. Gently apply on clean face with the blue protective film visible on the outside of your face.

2. Remove the blue protective film. Adjust the mask to the contours of your face.

3. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Remove the mask. Massage the excess formula, use it on your neck or remove it with a cotton pad. Do not sleep with the mask on. 

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