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Garnier Skinactive Cleansing Micellar Wipes Sensitive Skin 25 Wipes

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Brand Garnier
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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Wipes Sensitive Skin is 25 pcs of great cleansing wipes for you with a sensitive and sensitive skin. The effective micellar formula acts like a magnet on the skin, effectively removing impurities, excess oil and makeup to perfection. The soft napkins with small silk fibers glide lightly over the face and feel incredibly comfortable against even the finest skin. Therefore, it is possible to get a fresh and clean skin without having to rub for a long time to achieve the desired result. The napkins are ready for use in the package, so you no matter what time and place are prepared for easy and quick removal of stubborn makeup.

Benefits: - 25 cleansing wipes - Suitable for sensitive and sensitive skin - Contains an effective micellar formula - Removes impurities, excess oil and makeup - Enriched with small silk fibers - Slides easily and effortlessly across the face - Feels comfortable on the skin - Provides A fresh and cleaned result - Ready for use in the package - Without perfume - Without alcohol - Without colorants 
Application: - Lift the label and take a napkin - Then clean the face without rubbing - Do not rinse off - Then close Pack close to again so the napkins do not dry out

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