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Garnier Pure Active Exfoliating Daily Face Wash

12,000 LBP

Brand Garnier
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Anti-blackhead deep pore wash
For Oily Skin Prone To Imperfections
With Gentle micro-breads, its formula goes deep down the pores to clear out imperfections and blackheads. Enriched with purifying zinc & salicylic acid, it purifies and prevents new imperfections from emerging. Skin is left clear & smooth.

Deep cleansing and soothing gel, which foams into a pale blue mousse to hydrate and soften skin
Exfoliation action is created by a blend of salicylic acid and micro scrub particles
Micro particle technology has been adapted for non aggressive exfoliating.
Tested on imperfection-prone skin
Everyday, apply to wet face and gently massage into a lather. Rinse thoroughly.

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