Elvive Full Resist Conditioner 200ml - Sensitive Hair

28,500 LBP

SKU: 604200
L'Oreal Elvive Full Resist Anti-Breakage Fragile Hair Conditioner with Biotin, for Hair Fall
Get your full hair workout.

Rebuild your hair strength with our Full Resist regime. This reinforcing formula charged with supplements < Biotin + Vitamin B5 + Arginine> works in affinity with the hair fibre from root to tip.

Ideal for weak and fragile hair types which have a tendency to break and fall. No need to worry about excessive hair breakage or fall out again. Softly detangles & protects hair. With daily use, scalp feels healthier, hair breaks less* and feels more reinforced**. The results: Up to 98.8% less breakage* when brushing

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