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Enriched with the amino acid, Arginine, which is essential for the growth of hair, the formula provides a triple action to reduce hair fall:
1. Nourishes the bulb
2. Strengthens the fibre
3. Hair grows more resistant We can put our hair through daily torture and sometimes it can lack essential nourishment. Weakened, your hair has a tendency to break and fall out. L'Orl Paris introduces its first anti-hair fall hair care range, Elvive Arginine ResistX3.Arginine is an amino acid essential for the growth of the hair. We naturally have levels of arginine in our hair, however with age, stress and diet, levels of Arginine can decrease resulting in hair weakening and thinning. ELVIVE Arginine Resistx3 is enriched with ARGININE + PROTEIN* to strengthen each hair and attack hair fall. The formula stimulates micro-circulation at the root to encourage the supply of nutrients around the bulb.
Proven Results
Hair Fall reduced by 64%
95% of women noticed a difference

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