Ducray Keracnyl Unclogging Cream 30ML

373,000 LBP
By Ducray

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Suitable for oily skin.

Ducray Keracnyl Glycolic+ Unclogging Cream 30ml is a powerful treatment that promises to visibly reduce the appearance of spots and blackheads.

With an advanced formula, this cream targets all the factors that may cause these blemishes. On one side, it focuses on reducing excess sebum through the presence of active ingredients that have a mattifying effect.

Simultaneously, this composition also contains Glycolic Acid, an exfoliating ingredient that is able to gently unclog pores.

Last but not least, the Keracnyl Glycolic+ Unclogging Cream contains exclusive components such as Myrtacine® and Celastrol.

These ingredients have a soothing and smoothing action, at the same time.

Therefore, after each application, your skin is visibly healthier-looking, less inflamed, and overall more even. Introduce the Keracnyl Glycolic+ Unclogging Cream to your daily routine as part of your morning and/or evening routine.

Use it for at least six weeks, complementing it with other products from the same range


Use Ducray Keracnyl Glycolic+ Unclogging Cream 30ml as part of your skincare routine once or twice a day. Apply to clean and dry skin, for at least six weeks. This product works perfectly as a makeup base. In order to achieve optimal results, complement its use with other products from the same range.