Collistar Sublime Black Precious Serum

130,500 LBP

Brand Collistar
SKU: COL5089

A precious serum with an astonishing black consistency which transforms into an ?activator of radiance and youth?. It acts with an immediate filler effect and a spectacular brightness. A high-tech formula with precious ingredients for unprecedented effectiveness. A true elixir of light and youth, this serum?s effectiveness is rooted in its exclusive ultra-technological formula containing precious ingredients that perform a powerful regenerating, repairing and detoxifying action. This shining and sparkling serum acts instantaneously, leaving your face looking sublime, with an immediate filler effect that visually smooths the skin, reducing wrinkles and imperfections, and a spectacular brightness, which revitalizes the skin and leaves the complexion looking perfectly radiant.The treatment works quickly and in an extraordinary way thanks to its active ingredients: protecting and moisturizing Black Orchid extract, regenerating and firming White Gardenia stem cells, and brightening and revitalizing hydrolyzed Black Pearl, as well as state-of-the-art Collrepair?, a unique and innovative complex that specifically repairs and detoxifies both the skin surface and inner skin tissue. With guaranteed exceptional results in no time at all, its powerful action is visible from the very first application and intensifies with daily use

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