Collistar Patch Reshaping Firming Areas

400,000 LBP

Brand Collistar

From Collistar Research, the creator of the best selling Patch-Treatment Reshaping Abdomen and Hips, a new ultra-technological patch specifically designed for the critical areas of the body (legs, arms, hips and buttocks). When applied to the areas to be treated, the patch gradually releases its active ingredients, for an intense, ultratargeted, continuous effect that lasts a whole 8 hours. Created in association with a team of Korean patch technology experts, every last detail of the product has been designed for supreme efficacy, comfort and practicality.Effective The patch works all round the skin tissue thanks to a perfectly calibrated combination of ? lipolytic and draining Caffeine and Carnitine ? firming and elasticizing Collagen, ? toning, firming and anti-free radical Ginkgo Biloba. They are aided by special substances that create a hot-cold effect on treated areas, stimulating the skin's microcirculation and draining fluid. The product's effectiveness is enhanced by the patch?s osmotic, sealing effect, helping it penetrate deep-down and ensuring it lasts for 8 hours.Practical and comfortable Made from an ultra-soft and comfortable material, the patches can be applied in just a few seconds and adhere perfectly like a ?second skin?, making them invisible under clothes too and meaning they can be worn day and night, whatever your normal daily routine.48 patches specifically for critical areas The patches come in two different sizes to treat the critical areas of the body based on the specific requirements: ? 32 long patches, ideal for the thighs and inside of the thighs ? 16 short patches, ideal for smaller areas like the arms, inside of the arms, hips and buttocks.

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