Collistar Intensive Supertanning Lotion


COLLISTAR Intensive Ultra-Rapid Supertanning Treatment SPF 6 accelerates and enhances tans thanks to the combination of Unipertan? - an exclusive energising and tan enhancing complex at the base of Collistar sun care products - with oleoyl tyrosine, beta-carotene and carrot extract, which make it more effective. A genuine tan activator, this product stimulates, accelerates and increases the natural production of melanin so you can tan in quick time, even when the sun is less intense. It also ensures that your colour is more radiant and lasts longer. Its formula, rich in vitamin E, glycerol and precious vegetable oils, protects the skin from the drying action of the wind and salt and carries out an intense nourishing, moisturising and anti-age action. It can be used a few days before exposure to the sun to prepare the skin.