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Celliflore Flat Stomach - Digestion

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20 sachets
Formula developed for confort during the digestion and elimination of intestinal troubles.
For those who want to avoid digestion disorders and bloating, Juvamine has developed this specific Celliflore Flat Stomach Infusion.

Helps the digestion process by accelerating toxins' draining and elimination. It has a direct action on bloating and digestion disorders.

Helps the digestion process.

Favors intestinal confort with a refreshing pleasant taste.

91% of users are satisfied*
*the satisfaction was measured on 33 women taking 4 tea bags of Celliflore Flat stomach and 2 capsules of Juvamine Charcoal and Yeast, each day for 14 days.

Infuse the tea bag in simmering water for 2 to 3 minutes.
Take 1 to 4 tea bags a day.
For people who are sensitive to exciting active ingredients like Tea, avoid taking Slimming Tea before bedtime.

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