Inventia Collagen Under Eye Elixir

671,000 LBP

Brand Inventia

Inventia Under Eye Elixir provides an active protection against premature ageing of the skin.
It smoothens and cares for the demanding and very dry skin under the eyes.
It moisturizes, smoothens and improves skin texture.
It also has healing effects and soothes swelling.
The poduct contains native collagen, Pepha-Tight and Moist 24 with excellent moisturising, skin firming and stimulating properties.
Eyeseryl in the preparation formula improves microcirculation and eliminates puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles.
Natural collagen Inventia is a natural product in which the collagen maintains its protein-specific spatial structure in the form of a triple helix, which makes it biologically active and does not turn it into a hydrolysate (as opposed to other offers in the market).
Under eye Elixir also contains aloe extract, vitamin E and borage oil

Inventia Collagen Under Eye Elixir has anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness properties.

Natural Collagen Inventia is safe, natural and effective.
Apply Inventia Collagen Under Eye Elixir in the morning and the evening.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Native Collagen, Eyeseryl, Moist 24, Aloe extract, Pepha tight, Vitamin E, Borage oil.

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