Inventia Collagen Facial Washing Gel

506,000 LBP

Brand Inventia

The unique formula of Inventia Collagen Facial Washing Gel provides the skin with proper nutrition and hydration while special composition of delicate cleansing substances excludes irritation.
Inventia Collagen Facial Washing gel contains pure fish collagen, Aloe Extract, Fruitliquid Noni PG, D-pantenol and Glycerol.
The collagen has a low molecular weight and a triple helix formula identical to human collagen.
The collagen is well absorbed by the skin and activates regenerative processes. It deeply regenerates, moisturizes and improves skin firmness.
Natural Collagen Inventia is safe, natural and effective.
Use Inventia Collagen Facial Washing Gel to cleanse your face and remove make-up in the morning and evening.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Native Collagen, Aloe extract, Fruitliquid Noni PG, D-panthenol.

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