Inventia Collagen Day Cream

1,519,000 LBP

Inventia Collagen Day Cream is recommended for all skin types, particularly for tired and very dry skin.
It has powerful anti-wrinkle properties.
It provides prolonged regeneration and nourishment for the skin, calms irritations, moisturizes, tones and smoothens the skin.
Natural collagen Inevntia is a natural product in which the collagen maintains its protein-specific spatial structure in the form of a triple helix, which makes it biologically active and does not turn it into a hydrolysate (as opposed to other offers in the market).
Inventia Day cream is an intensive nourishing day cream with native collagen and Matrixyl 300 providing powerful anti-wrinkle properties.
It also moisturizes the skin and protects it against loss of moisture.
It leaves the skin smoother, improves its firmness and elasticity
Vitamin E, Aloe and Noni extraxts nourish the skin, giving it a good healthy color.
D-panthenol, Allantoin and extract of Centella asiatica calm irritations and soothe inflammatory conditions.
Borage oil and Sojadine improve skin elasticity and remove roughness
Your skin is relaxed and naturally radiant after each application.
Natural Collagen Inventia is safe, natural and effective.
Apply Inventia Collagen Day Cream in the morning.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Native Collagen, Matrixyl 300, Aloe extract, Vitamin E, Fruitliquid Noni PG, Borage Oil, Sojadine, Centella asiatica extract, D-panthenol, Allantoin.