Bell Hypoallergenic Advent Calendar 2021

1,435,000 LBP

The Bell Hypoallergenic Christmas Calendar includes 24 cosmetics to look forward to Christmas.
The calendar includes make-up, skin care products and cosmetics. All products are hypoallergenic.

The calendar includes:
HYPO Mini Size Hydra Serum
HYPO Mini Size Just Free Skin Foundation
HYPO 01 concealer
HYPO Mini Size 04 blush
HYPO Mini Size Hydraulic Powder
HYPO Mini Size Freshaur powder
HYPO Mini Size shading / highlighting palette
HYPO Mini Size Illuminator Powder
HYPO angle mask
HYPO Long Wear Eyeliner Eyeliner
HYPO LPrecise Liquid Eyeliner Eyeliner
HYPO Mini Size Open Eyes mascara
HYPO Mini Size Long & Volume mascara
HYPO Jumbo Regenerating Lip Cream
HYPO Long Wear lipstick
HYPO Melting Moisture lipstick
HYPO Durable 07 nail polish
HYPO Durable 18 nail polish
Make-up sponge storage box
Pink hair donut
Hand warmer
Soft hair turban
Brush cleaning pad
Cognac mushrooms