Aloeleb Skin-Calm Aloe Anti-Acne Serum 50 ML

130,000 LBP
By Aloeleb

The Aloe Anti-Acne Serum Is An Acne Treatment, Not An Acne-Control Product.

It's Suitable Only For Normal To Oily, Acne-Prone Skin With Active Acne, Pimples, Or Blemishes.

Recommended to be used with the Aloeleb soap

Not Suitable For Dry & Sensitive Skin.

Always Start On A Low Concentration And Work Up.

For Acne And/Or Pimples, The Aloe Anti-Acne Serum Is Nature's Best Solution For Detoxifying And Clear The Skin From Inside And Outside With No Side Effects!
A Mix Of Fresh Aloe Vera Gel, Pure Grapeseed Oil, Concentrated With 100% Pure Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, And Rosemary Essential Oils, Nature's Best To Clear And Detoxify The Skin.

Suggested Use: In The Morning And At Night, Wash With Aloe Facial Soap, Then Apply The Aloe Anti-Acne Serum On The Acne Spots And Keep It.

It Will Dry The Acne Very Fast And Clear The Acne And/Or Pimples With No Side Effects In A Short Period Of Time.

Ingredients: Freshly Extracted Aloe Vera Gel From Our Organic Aloe Plants - Pure Grapeseed Oil Infused With Fresh Aloe Vera Leaves - Fresh Lemon Peels Essence - Concentrated With 100% Pure Tea Tree, Clove, And Lavender Essential Oils - 100% Natural Preservative.

Keep it refrigerated and use it within six months for maximum benefits.