Aloeleb Fresh-Skin Aloe Facial Scrub 70 ML

97,000 LBP
By Aloeleb

For Smooth, Clear, And Fresh Skin, Scrub Your Skin Gently With The Aloe Facial Scrub, Twice-Weekly.

The Result: You Will Get Rid Of Dead Skin Cells Buildup, Impurities, And Blackheads And Reveal New, Youthful-Looking Fresh Skin Underneath.

Made From 100% Natural Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused With Fresh Aloe Leaves, Pure Beeswax, Minced Brown Sugar, And 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oils.

Ingredients: Pure Aloe Vera Oil - Pure Beeswax - Olive Oil From Our Organic Olive Trees Infused With Fresh Aloe Vera Leaves - Minced Brown Sugar - Minced Brown Rice - Fresh Turmeric Extract - Pure Lavender Essential Oil.

Suitable For All Skin Types.

Store It In A Cool, Dark, And Dry Place.

Shelf Life: One Year.