Aloeleb Daily-Radiance Aloe Bright Eye Serum 50 ML

149,000 LBP
By Aloeleb

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For Dark Circles And Puffiness Under The Eyes, Apply The Aloe Bright Eye Serum Every Day, In The Morning, And At Night And The Result Will Be Radiant Under-Eye Skin And Noticeable Improvement Every Day!

It Will Reduce, Treat, And/Or Prevent The Appearance Of Dark Circles And Under-Eye Puffiness.

Ingredients: Freshly Extracted Aloe Vera Gel From Our Organic Aloe Plants - Pure Almond Oil - Fresh Flax Seeds Essence - Fresh Turmeric Essence - Concentrated With 100% Pure Cedarwood Essential Oil - 100% Natural Preservative

Keep it refrigerated and use it within six months for maximum benefits.