Aloeleb After Bath Body Oil - 100 ML

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By Aloeleb

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If you have dry or itchy body skin, the best time to use our Aloe body oil is right after bath, so it seals in moisture and keeps water from escaping. It can also be used anytime to moisturize your skin and show off a flourishing dewy finish with a fresh, natural scent - making your skin look and feel rich, lively, and fresh.

However your day's gone, we can guarantee one thing. It'll be better after a bath followed by our Aloe body oil.

Ingredients: Almond oil - Extra virgin Coconut oil - Extra virgin Olive oil from organic Olive trees infused with fresh Aloe leaves - Lavender essential oil.

Suggested use: 

After the bath, Pat your skin down, but keep it a bit damp, Take 5-10 drops, rub onto palm and apply on damp skin after your bath, massage vigorously until oil is fully absorbed. For best results, do not wash using soap or shower gel for 6-8 hours.

size: 100 ml.