Celliflore Slimming Tea - Red Fruits

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20 sachets
Takes part in a slimming diet or a healthy and balanced lifestyle
For those who want to pay attention to their figure, Juvamine has developed this specific Celliflore Slimming Tea. With a refreshing red fruits taste, it takes an active part in your weight loss diet.

Chinese Green Tea and Guarana
FAT BURNING action: Promote the fat metabolism and tonify the body.

Cherry Stem
DRAINING action: Promotes excess water elimination and body tissues draining.

Hibiscus and Guarana
STIMULATING action: Maintain tonicity and vitality.

81% of users are satisfied*
*the satisfaction was measured on 32 women taking 4 tea bags of Celliflore Slimming Tea and 1 capsule of Thé Vert Guarana by Juvamine Laboratories, each day for 20 days.

Infuse the tea bag in simmering water for 3 to 4 minutes.
Take 1 to 4 tea bags a day.
This infusion does not contain any exciting active ingredient and can be taken throughout the day.