Phyto Detox Clarifying Shampoo for Polluted Scalp and Hair 125ml

110,000 LBP 80,000 LBP

Brand Phyto
SKU: 7391044

The HAIR DETOX routine, this shampoo rich in softening plants, combines strong washing power with softness.
It instantly removes all residues that make hair look dull and weigh it down (pollution, smoking, styling products, etc).


The hair is fresh, shiny, light and stays clean for long time.

  • How to use: 

Once to twice a week.
Apply on wet hair.
Massage delicately then rinse.


Eucalyptus essential oil
With refreshing action, is ideal for polluted and asphyxiated hair.

Burdock extraction
Helps detoxify the scalp and brings lightness to polluted hair that tends to become greasy very quickly.

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