L'Action Paris Soft Lip Scrub


SKU: ACT1984
Eliminates dead skin within seconds.
Helps to keep your lips soft, smooth and healthy.
Moisturises and adds suppleness to your lips.
Nourishes your lips leaving them glossy and protected.
Instant Results. The Soft Lip Scrub is enhanced with Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Shea Butter to leave your lips soft, supple and moisturised throughout the day. The dinky little twist-up applicator contains an exfoliating lip butter and is released through a buffing cushion tip.
It's the perfect prep to remove dryness and flaking before applying lipstick. The scrub moisturises, softens and leaves a lovely glossy sheen on your lips too.
Painful, dry and peeling lips are no longer a problem you need in your life!

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