Brand GLOV
SKU: GLO3291-Bouncy Blue

Bring up some colors during your make up removing routine! GLOV COLOR EDITION is making make up removing fun and colorful! Try the newest colors and let us know which one is your favorite! GLOV On-the-go makes your life much easier - whenever you need to look glamorous or simply cleanse your skin. Designed to meet the needs of contemporary the woman, it performs great as a travelling accessory or as a secret ally in your daily routine. Take your GLOV On-the-go anywhere you go, experience the benefits of the latest solutions. All you need is water and your GLOV on-the-go. Made with microtechnology, GLOV fibers are 30 times thinner than a cotton pad and 100 thinner than a human hair. Their electrostatistic abilities absorb all makeup like a magnet till you wash the GLOV. GLOV fibres are antibacterial in their nature so they are always safe for you during the 3 months usage. GLOV is perfect for every skin type ? even the most fragile and delicate. It is recommended to use for eczema problems and atopic type of skin. The delicate fibers smooth your skin. It has a peeling effect too! Dermatologically tested. Hand wash with soap after every use.

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